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This is a CMS Made Simple module that will display the current weather for a given area.

Inserting this tag in a template or page

{CurrentWeather station='KNYC'}

would render this HTML for New York City

<div class="CurrentWeatherBox">

<div class="CurrentWeatherBox-FieldLabel">TEMP</div>
<div class="CurrentWeatherBox-FieldValue">75.0 F</div>

<div class="CurrentWeatherBox-FieldLabel">WIND</div>
<div class="CurrentWeatherBox-FieldValue">3.5 ?</div>

<div class="CurrentWeatherBox-FieldLabel">HUM</div>
<div class="CurrentWeatherBox-FieldValue">64%</div>

<div class="CurrentWeatherBox-FieldLabel">DEW</div>
<div class="CurrentWeatherBox-FieldValue">62.1 F</div>


Station codes are from the National Weather Service.